The little things

Finding beauty in the little things

Life is busy.  We rush around thinking about what’s next on our to do list, what we’re going to make for dinner or who we have to email/text a reply to.  This past week, I noticed two things that made me stop and appreciate the little things.  As I pulled in my driveway one day after work, I noticed a beautiful daffodil glowing in the warmth of the sun.  It wasn’t nestled comfortably in a garden surrounded by other annuals revealing their colours and joy.  This pretty pop of Spring was in a ditch across the street from my house.  My eyes were immediately drawn to this pale yellow object and as I approached it, it’s simple beauty spoke to me.  A single daffodil growing independently in a spot no one would expect.  I was grateful for that daffodil.  It’s unexpected presence made me smile and brightened my spirit.


The next day, again as I drove into my driveway after work, I got out of my vehicle and my eyes were drawn to a busy bumblebee gathering pollen from a dandelion flower.  I grabbed my phone to take a picture as it busily went about it’s work.  I was encouraged by this natural, little phenomenon.  It reminded me for the second time that week to pause and enjoy the little things around me that might be overlooked because im so busy buzzing around like a bumblebee tending to daily life.


So what I’ve been reminded of through all of this is to slow down and be observant of the little things around me.  You never know what you might be missing!