Earth Week

Earth Week


This week was Earth Week at school!  We had so much fun being kind to our planet!  My class was involved in many activities that demonstrated responibilty and being mindful of how they treat the planet we all live on.  To start off, I had my students create PowerPoint presentations about how to take care of the Earth.  They presented these to the class a week later.  It gave them the opportunity to be creative and come up with ways they can help the environment (ie. turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, turning the lights off when leaving a room, composting, etc.).  Another activity we enjoyed was planting conifer tree plugs in a small forested area on our school property.  The next day, we simulated the life cycle of salmon (like a giant tag game of predator and prey) all around our field and playground areas.  Then, there was the “un-nature trail”.  Students had to look for things (which I hid ahead of time) that they shouldn’t find while walking on a nature trail (ie. a glue stick, a stapler, a container of Play-doh).  They loved this game!  Finally, we ended the week with a community clean up.  A true sense of pride and ownership comes from being involved in activities that help save our planet!  I hope all of my students will continue to be passionate about caring for our Earth!


Don’t fret about it

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Fret…that sick, worried feeling.  My Mom always told me not to fret about things, but I’m human…that’s what we do.  I’ve learned over my 42 years that fretting about something doesn’t help and isn’t healthy!  You can’t always control what’s inevitably going to happen, you can’t often change it…so try to face it without worry.  Mom, you were right…it’s not worth fretting about it!

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I’ve got tidbits to share

I am an elementary school teacher with 20 years of teaching to my name.  I’ve learned many valuable things over the years as I’ve taught students, managed many different classrooms of budding, young minds and grown as a teacher through my own personal experiences and just through living life.  I hope to share some of my experiences and stories to help new teachers or teachers who just want to gain a new perspective in a very rewarding, but also highly demanding career.  So please follow my blog to hopefully gain some insight or share in what I’ve experienced.  I am excited to start this new blogging journey!

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Sick Days

pexels-photo-57686.jpegHave you ever felt guilty for calling in a substitute teacher (or TOC as they are called in our district) because you had a headache, felt sniffly or just felt all around worn out?  Well don’t!  I am sitting comfortably on my couch right now with my cozy blanket and my warm little dog beside me writing my first ever blog.  Today I am at home because I took a much needed sick day!  The nature of our job as teachers is working around thousands of germs!!!  It’s okay to take a sick day!  When I first started teaching I always felt so guilty for taking a sick day.  Then, when I was pregnant with my first and had to go to appointments or take a day here or there due to the pregnancy, I soon realized that it’s okay to take care of yourself!  Your students will be fine with a substitute teacher!  It is healthy for them to be flexible and adjust to different personalities and teaching styles.  It is only one day…or even if it’s 2 or 3, they will survive.  Trust me.  The most important thing is to take care of you so you have the energy and the enthusiasm to do your job and do it well.  Your students deserve your best!  So take care of you and when needed, take a sick day!