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Daily Prompt: The Many Meanings of “Bubble”

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When I think of the word “bubble” all I think of is what a great word it is.  BUBBLE.  You can just see it glisten in the sun and then, POP!  But there are many different kinds of bubbles.


Firstly, there is a personal bubble.  “Can you please back up?!  You’re in my personal bubble.”  This is a space where you can feel calm and relaxed or extremely uncomfortable.  A hug from a family member or friend does not infringe on your personal bubble, but a stranger stepping into your space can be distressing.  Some people are better at respecting personal bubbles than others.  We need to protect our personal bubbles and voice it when we feel our bubble is going to burst!

Secondly, there is the always entertaining activity of blowing a bubble with bubble gum.  Blowing a bubble with a wad of that luscious, pink, sticky candy is satisfying.  It brings back those childhood memories chewing Hubba Bubba and having a biggest bubble blowing contest with your best friends.  The bubble grows and grows until it is stretched to its limits.  Then it pops all over your face and everyone laughs and laughs.  What a joyful experience!


Finally, there is the gratifying action of blowing bubbles with a bubble wand.  Again, a favourite childhood activity that cheers a person up and leads to feelings of  happiness.  I brought a bubble wand into my classroom, ran around the room releasing bubbles with reckless abandon and instantly all of my students were squealing with delight.  Bubbles are a fantastic emotional outlet.  Whether blowing the bubbles or popping them mid-air, they are simple spheres that lead to endless fun.  Dogs love them too!


Have a beautiful, bubble-blowing kind of day!