Daily Prompts

Daily Prompt: Laughter – how it can heal


Laughter is the best medicine so they say…  however I truly believe it is.  Coming from two difficult years, I can honestly say that laughter is healing.  I lost both of my parents six months apart from each other.  My Mom passed away of terminal cancer in December of 2015 and my Dad in June of 2016 from a sudden heart attack in his sleep.  Through all the tears and sorrow, I somehow found laughter again.  It wasn’t easy, but it came and thankfully it was in the form of memories and reminiscing.

My Mom always used big, unusual words.  Words you would find in crossword puzzles.  She would say words like, “That path is well trodden” or “Henceforth”.  We shared many trips together where we would laugh and laugh…sometimes through heartfelt mocking, but all in all, through just living in the moment and enjoying every minute.  I feel blessed that my kids had the opportunity to go on some special adventures together with my Mom and I.

My Dad on the other hand just had a great sense of humour.  He was always positive and making funny comments or telling humourous stories from the past.  We enjoyed many family times where his smile and laughter made everyone feel lighter.

I can still hear my parents laughter and that is such a special gift.  I am grateful to have such happy memories and be able to laugh with my own family saying, “Remember when…”.  The tears still flow, not as often as they did, but they still do as I continue through this grief journey.  At times however, there is smiling through my tears.  Feeling is healing and what a great way to heal through laughter.